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Microscope Marketing Services


Whether you need help developing a strategy or have an existing strategy that has fallen off the rails, give us a call for a custom analysis of your current search engine marketing and digital strategy and we will get your digital ducks back in a row.  


Local SEO

In addition to large-scale SEO projects, we also utilize the best tools to optimize locally to help you dominate the markets that are important to you. 


Digital Marketing

In addition to our specialization in SEO and PPC, we have extensive experience in retargeting, display and social media marketing.  


Pay Per Click (PPC)

We are glad to customize a PPC program that fits your budget and goals.  


SEO (Enterprise)

Do a google search for your offering.  Millions of page results in a tenth of a second.  How can you rise to the top?  The only way to beat the competition to the top is to understand the best practices of those that are already winning.  Our technology gives you a full view of every page, every link driving those winners to the top positions.  We then replicate a customized SEO plan to move you up.  


Content Marketing, Content Automation, Content Marketing

We are glad to help you create custom, original content to drive more links and clicks back to your site.  Call to learn more about the different levels available for all budgets.


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