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Any agency can drive traffic to a website and hope it turns out to be profitable. At Microscope Marketing, we understand how to analyze user intent and drive qualified traffic to your website. We tirelessly test, measure and analyze campaigns to uncover insights that fuel revenue growth. We track insights through website analytics, custom conversion tracking, and dynamic phone numbers.


A Google Partner


As a Google Partner, we not only follow industry best practices, but we also get exclusive access to industry insights, live training events, promotional offers, beta test opportunities, additional support and much more. We are able to use all of these resources to ensure that your Adwords campaign is running optimally at all times.


Industry-leading Technology


Through our partnership with Google, we are able to offer our clients cutting-edge technology.   This allows clients to take full advantage of intraday inefficiencies in the auction in order to effectively decrease their CPA (Cost per Acquisition), maximize conversion volume, and increase budget control.


Integrated Search Strategies


Paid search, display, mobile, social, and SEO channels should all be working together to provide the best results for clients. Our reporting seamlessly integrates data from multiple engines and platforms, allowing us to effectively measure every advertising dollar. We employ specialists in each area to deliver a cross-channel, holistic approach.


Advanced Tracking & Reporting


  • Shopping Cart Tracking

  • Form Submission Tracking

  • Dynamic Phone Call Tracking

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • In-depth Monthly Reporting

  • Fully Optimized & Managed Account

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